“The type of relationships that you nurture will determine where your life is heading”. – Karen Maloy-McDonald

When was the last time that you took a good, hard look at your inner circle?  While the bible tells us to show ourselves friendly, we must also be careful of the people that we allow into our inner courts. Whether we realize it or not, there is a distinct difference between friendly and friends, and Christians – we have to be careful.  The relationships that we choose to invest a great deal of energy in should be those relationships that we are not only edifying others but, we are also being edified.  If not, you are participating in a relationship which will only continue to drain over a period.   In addition, I encourage you to look at the direction that your friend life is heading.  If they are heading to a destination where you do not want to go, I encourage you to reconsider whether that it a relationship worth “nurturing”.  While I am not saying to cut those people out of your life because they are definitely going to need your positive influence, I am saying reconsider whether they are a friend or acquaintance?  For with friendship comes responsibility that acquaintances are unwilling or unable to fulfill.  Your answer to this question will help you to take control of of your life, and determine your destiny.

Be Blessed – Min. Karen

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