Random Thoughts

All day long I have been pondering on the power of deception. Deception is simply rooted in a false truth.   Looking at the individual who presents themselves off as someone who they are not in comparison to someone who believe they are someone that they are not; I have to the conclusion that although they are both in bad positions, the latter is the one who is being deceived.   An individual who has chosen to deceive others, is not in a position of deception as they have chosen to reject the truth.  They however are in a better position in that they know the truth and can still choose to change their position.  Being that the others truly believe that they are someone that they are not, they are emotionally connected to a false truth, and any attempts of correction will be viewed as personal attacks, and they end up in a defensive mode to protect themselves from the truth.   Thank you Lord for the Holy Spirit that reveals all truths, corrects, and convicts us when we are wrong.

Be blessed – Min. Karen

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