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Emergent Life Coaching is designed for individuals seeking to transform their lives and emerge from a life of brokenness, instability, and a lack of purpose.  The process and framework of this program is most beneficial for those individuals who are motivated to change, willing to make an investment in themselves, and are able to strategically plan for their futures.  Clients who commit to this process typically make better decisions, and are better equip to handle life changes.

Life Coaching at Mutual Blessings offers a free 30-minute consultation session with a life coach. Your first full coaching session will be just $50. Your life coach will explain the package options if you decide to continue.  Specialization areas include

Coaching for Adults with ADD/ADHD

Coaching for Students with ADD/ADHD

Coaching for College Students

Christian Dating/Relationship Coaching

Emotional Wellness Coaching

Presentations/Seminars/Workshops are also available for those clients who prefer to work in a group setting.  Inclusive pricing for up to 20 participants with all course materials included. (Travel and expenses are additional.)  Special pricing for more than 20 participants per session and/or non-profits. Call for more information.

Effective Communication

Confident Learning

Purposeful Dating

Foundations for Success

Successful Single Parenting

Situational Coaching is for previous clients who just need help with an acute situation.  Clients who need this assistance generally need guidance through a difficult situation on the spot.  We aim to provide quick support and guidance, and will attempt to return your call as quickly as possible  There is a $30 per call fee for this service.