Doing nothing does not ensure nothing changes.  It can however, guarantee failure. Karen Maloy


“While you are never too old to get started on your dreams, you can get too old waiting to get started.”  Karen Maloy

You will never know what you are capable of until you extend your boundaries.  Karen Maloy

Only 18 inches

“The difference between heaven and hell is only 18 inches, the distance between your head and your heart.” Karen Maloy

Show It

It is one thing to say that “I love you”, if you really mean it you will show it. Karen Maloy

Foundation or Mask?

“The Word is a foundation to build your life upon, not a mask that you hide behind.” Karen Maloy


The evidence of desire is pursuit, if you are not pursuing it then one can only conclude that you don’t desire it. Karen Maloy


Be careful that the thing that looks good today doesn’t bite tomorrow.  Karen Maloy

rattle snake


While God is the one who chooses the destination, it is I who determines what path I take to get there.  Karen Maloydestination

Now and then

When I compare my life now to who I was then, I have one word – unrecognizable! Karen Maloy