“Sometimes success is simply knowing what not to do – again!” Karen Maloy


Doing nothing does not ensure nothing changes.  It can however, guarantee failure. Karen Maloy


“While you are never too old to get started on your dreams, you can get too old waiting to get started.”  Karen Maloy

If you don’t see yourself as a priority, you will not require anyone to treat you as a priority.  Karen Maloy


You will never know what you are capable of until you extend your boundaries.  Karen Maloy


Transition or Crisis?

Transition occurs when you move from one phase to the next; what determines whether it is a crisis is based upon whether one is prepared or not! Karen Maloy

Starting Over

The hardest part is not in starting anew, it’s in leaving that which is old and familiar. Karen Maloy

Life Direction

If you haven’t determined where you want to be and with whom, you will end up nowhere with just anybody. Karen Maloy

Personal Value

“Never allow anyone to remain in your life who does not appreciate your value.” K.Maloy

Only 18 inches

“The difference between heaven and hell is only 18 inches, the distance between your head and your heart.” Karen Maloy