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PURPOSEFUL DATING STUDY GUIDE: Keys to Understanding Unsuccessful Relationships

By Karen Maloy, Ed.S.| Genre: Christian

Release Date: April 2013

Have you suffered from several unsuccessful relationships, and quick to blame the other party? Does thinking about those relationships still incite intense emotions?  Do you want to explore why you keep ending up in these kind of relationships?  Purposeful Dating, Karen Maloy’s latest release, shared what she learned from her own experiences – and demonstrates how you can too. This study guide serves as a learning companion to “The Love Illusion” book or the “Purposeful Dating” audio training program. In it you will follow the sessions, and then begin to explore your own misconceptions so that you can make right decisions when choosing lifelong mates. This workbook asks thought-provoking questions adapted from the Purposeful Dating Training Program in a format that lets you also write your answers directly in the book itself. Answer the questions, and break free from the love illusion. You can date with a purpose!

Pages: 106
Format: Audio/Paperback
EAN/ISBN: 9780985660864

Publisher: Mutual Blessings