Doing nothing does not ensure nothing changes.  It can however, guarantee failure. Karen Maloy


“While you are never too old to get started on your dreams, you can get too old waiting to get started.”  Karen Maloy

You will never know what you are capable of until you extend your boundaries.  Karen Maloy


help wanted

HELP WANTED:  someone to be the face, voice and scribe for a family-based business. Looking for the downtrodden, broken and hurt to be the mouthpiece for our cause.  Murderers, liars, thieves, prostitutes, swindlers, drug dealers, etc., are all encouraged to apply.


“It’s a little hard to be thankful, when you haven’t pondered what you have to be thankful for.”  Karen Maloy


I don’t know where I got this but I thought it was worth sharing.

“A – He is our ABBA Father. No matter what kind of natural father you had or maybe you didn’t have one, it is comforting to know that God is our Abba Father and He loves us with a perfect love. Romans 8:15 For you did not receive a spirit that makes you a slave again to fear, but you received the Spirit of sonship. And by him we cry, “Abba, Father.”

Be Blessed – Min. Karen

Free Your Mind

He who the Son sets free is free indeed; but, until you renew your mind you are still imprisoned. – Karen Maloy

Strength In Challenges

“Everyday you face a challenge (or an obstacle), you have an opportunity to increase your strength.  You alone determine whether it will make you or break you.” Karen Maloy

Random Thoughts

All day long I have been pondering on the power of deception. Deception is simply rooted in a false truth.   Looking at the individual who presents themselves off as someone who they are not in comparison to someone who believe they are someone that they are not; I have to the conclusion that although they are both in bad positions, the latter is the one who is being deceived.   An individual who has chosen to deceive others, is not in a position of deception as they have chosen to reject the truth.  They however are in a better position in that they know the truth and can still choose to change their position.  Being that the others truly believe that they are someone that they are not, they are emotionally connected to a false truth, and any attempts of correction will be viewed as personal attacks, and they end up in a defensive mode to protect themselves from the truth.   Thank you Lord for the Holy Spirit that reveals all truths, corrects, and convicts us when we are wrong.

Be blessed – Min. Karen

A Call to Maturity for Christian Leaders

May is the month of graduation for many schools – elementary, middle, high, and college.  It is a milestone which measures accomplishment, achievement, and also transition into the next phase of life.  Most parents look forward to these transitions, as it also reveals their child’s abilities, and often coincides with more responsibilities.  The same is true for spiritual growth.  Each individual is expected to transgress beyond salvation which is synonymous with birth, into early childhood (preschool), later childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.  Unfortunately, the modern church has been hindered by leaders who have failed to pass that information onto their followers.

Maturity has less to do with physical age then it does with mental and emotional age.  In other words, there are many people based on their chronological age would appear to be adults, but their lives are a mere reflection of their immaturity.   These individuals may be crippled emotionally, lack life management skills, or fail to assume responsibilities for their actions.  This immaturity however, does not exonerate them from expectations.  Given the proper knowledge and the opportunity, they can be positioned for success.  Christian leaders, it is not beneficial for us to do the work for them.

The American educational system was originally established for the purpose of establishing religious independence.  Our forefathers believed that this independence was necessary so that people could learn to read and learn from the bible themselves.  However, the modern church has reverted back to doing the work for believers once again.  If we continue to study the word and present them with our revelations, this serves to keep believers hindered and handicap them even further.  This is a call (and a challenge) for Christian leaders to stop crippling their local body, and to focus on empowering them instead.   Our assignment is not to do the work for them but, to teach them how to do the work for themselves.  Much like teenagers, we must encourage them to assume some responsibilities, and allow them opportunities to make some mistakes for we often learn from those mistakes.  An example of a hindered believer is one who is afraid to take risks.

The goal of leadership is to instruct believers to become mature so they may be vital to the kingdom of God.  While the local church may be their training ground, it is their God-ordained destiny to be vital to the local ministry.  It is only when we adopt this principles can we see the glory of God revealed in our communities. If you want to make an impact in your community, start with empowering people.  According to Hosea 4:6 God’s people are destroyed by their lack of knowledge (NIV).  We have a responsibility to examine ourselves regularly to ensure that we are part of the solution and are not the problem.

Be blessed – Karen