The Love Illusion

THE LOVE ILLUSION: Breaking Through the Barriers of Christian Dating

By Karen Maloy, Ed.S.| Genre: Christian

Release Date: April 2013Final Cover

Approach Dating With Confidence! If you are like most Christians you are confused about what to do about dating. Are you tired of spending your time on relationships that start off okay but end up with grief, heartache, and ill feelings that you are carrying over into your next relationship? Have you ended up with people who brought their emotional baggage into your relationship? Perhaps you are frustrated because you are tired of waiting, or you don’t know how to find that right individual for you. While discussing God’s original intent for relationships, this book will help you to explore your reasons for dating, what you would like, and most importantly what you don’t want in your relationships.

Pages: 126
Format: Paperback
EAN/ISBN: 978-0985660833
Publisher: Mutual Blessing