Empowerment and Relationships

God sends people into your life to empower you. – Karen Maloy

When God created man it was for a purpose - to fellowship with Him.  When He built
Eve for Adam it was for a purpose - to fellowship with Him.  When He gave His son to
die on the cross, it was for a purpose - to bring us back into fellowship with Him. 
Knowing this about God, then we can conclude that he is a purposeful God.  Given
that we are also created in His image, then we can conclude that we are to become
purposeful, and when it comes to our relationships, we also have to consider that
they are there for a purpose.

In Hebrews 10:25, we learn that we are not to forsake coming together in order to
encourage one another. While we have conveniently interpreted that to mean that we
need to go to church, it is more of a principle to encourage saints to stay
connected with one another.  It just so happens that church is the place where that
most often occurs.  However, if we have limited our fellowship to only those moments
when we attending church, we are in fact hindering our own development.  Much like
the diamond in the rough that needs pressure to become that precious stone,
Christians need one another to develop into that beautiful treasure God intended
them to be.   When we consider the relationships in our lives, we have to learn to
evaluate them according to God principles.    If they are not helping you to grow,
mature and flourish, then consider that their purpose may not be empowerment but -

Be Blessed - Min. Karen

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